Hello and Welcome

Grant Manufacturing and Alloying Inc. is a manufacturer and fabricator of tin, tin alloys and other non-ferrous metals. Established in 1981, all of our products are produced in our Birdsboro, Pennsylvania facility from the highest quality virgin metals and materials, under rigid quality controls to exceed ASTM, federal, military, SAE and proprietary specifications. Large or small, custom specification or standard spec, we can meet your unique requirements.

Why Grant Mfg?

  • Quick Turn Around
  • Competitive Price
  • American Made
  • Mission Driven
  • ISO Certified

Built on a Mission

Over 30 years ago, Grant Manufacturing’s co-founders built this company with the mission “To Be the Best.” Today we continue to rely on their original Guiding Principles to keep us focused on this goal.

  • Great just isn’t good enough.
  • Respect and dignity rule.
  • Authenticity in product, process and purpose.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • Teamwork delivers results.